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TheFestHub’s Saturday School Football League is not your ordinary football league; this is the one and only competitive schools football league on Saturdays. To participate, your secondary school must be a member of TheFestHub community (see our member’s page). It includes two periods between September and June. We also offer a midweek league which can be tailored to suit the needs of our partners and schools. The competition includes a boys’ and girls’ league from year 8-11.

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1. What happens over half term weeks excluding Christmas?
Students that have been performing well over the period but not yet had the opportunity to represent their schools should be selected - teams to be submitted prior to school closure.

2. 6 weeks, would that mean some kids might not be able to participate during the weekend?
Each child should be allowed to participate in at least one Saturday per period, although it is mainly based on merit. Therefore, encourage your child to be fully well behaved.


3. What happens if one child doesn’t turn up and our team is one player down?
Your team will be forced to play with a man down. This puts your school at a huge disadvantaged, so it is encouraged to ensure your child participates.


4. Will there be STEM engagement/workshops during term holidays?
No clubs or workshops will occur during these holidays. 

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To find out more about our Saturday School Football League follow our Instagram and Twitter.

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Head over to our sign up page to register your school as a member of TheFestHub community and take part in our Saturday School Football League.

League: About
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