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This unique programme offers your organisation an opportunity to work with professional football clubs raising awareness of who you are to a group of players or individuals who may have never heard of you before.


Stats show 80% of football scholars aged 16-18 are awarded a professional contract at a premier league club, however, by age 23 80% are no longer playing. Further stats show only 45% of scholars in the English Football League sign professional contracts and that 5 out of 6 footballers will not be playing by age 21.


After being released, more often than not these young footballers struggle to adapt to the world outside of football and as a result 56% of players suffer from mental distress 21 days after being released at 18. Unfortunately, there has also been cases of young footballers taking their own lives due to a lack of support.


Our clubfest programme supports professional football club young players into careers particularly in STEM should the sport not work out for them. Through our workshops, site visits and mentoring programmes your support goes a long way offering these young players a fresh perspective and reducing the impact of mental health concerns and more importantly further suicide cases.


We are constantly looking for organisations who want to positively make a difference to the young people with work with. To find out how you can get involved email us


If you're interested in working with us to support these young athletes, please get in touch:

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